If you associate the typical Mediterranean flair with North Cyprus, you are not wrong. It offers a seemingly endless summer, a mild sea, relaxing atmosphere and warm evenings with a gentle breeze. But that's not all...

Not quite Asia and not Europe, situated at the crossroads of three continents, the island's geopolitical location has always been its doom.

This small island, between Orient and Occident, was ruled, colonised, sold and neglected by nations from Asia Minor, by Greeks, Persians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Arabs, Venetians, Europe's Crusaders, the Ottomans and last of all, the British. All these cultures have left their marks, and there is almost no other place on earth, where it is possible to find such a rich diversity of antique sights and historical relics all in one location, including Christian monasteries one of which contains the burial place of St.Barnabas, a companion of St.Paul, Where else can one explore the history of so many cultures at once, without having to travel far in between?

The diversity is seemingly endless. It reaches from the archaeological excavation sites of Salamis, to the breathtaking view from the majestic plateaus of Vouni Palace, to the late Roman mosaics at Aya Trias, to the Ottoman quarters in Nicosia and even further...

Northern Cyprus is more than just a holiday island. It is the unique combination of steep rock faces of the Five Finger Mountain Range energetically breaking through warm colours of a sunset, the cool blend of a lake's blue shadings in the valley, the sizzling hot Mesarya Plains evoking images of safari adventures, the soothing, but exciting call of cranes and herons migrating to Africa along the coastline, the traditional musical sound of the Muslim call to prayer, the rhythmic beat of a cheerful traditional wedding, the delicious aroma of Turkish Cypriot delicacies in the air and the feeling of complete relaxation when you lean back in your sun lounger, sipping on your cocktail.

But there is more to look back to after a holiday in Northern Cyprus. How exciting it was, to watch great sea turtles digging out deep nests, laying their eggs in the dark of night and carrying their heavy bodies back into the pitch-black sea with their last ounce of strength. How unique it was to be startled by at least half a dozen wild donkeys in the Karpaz Peninsula, trotting across the road right in front of your car or simply standing directly next to you on the beach, appearing out of nowhere. Do you remember the delicious fresh fish barbeque you had at the idyllic restaurant by the sea side...? Or the culinary joys you experienced, stemming from a melange of Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine, to Syrian and Lebanese, to Greek and Italian...?